Review — The Long Haul

Brad Hubbard
2 min readJun 4, 2023

I never thought I would pick up a book written by a truck driver but hey, you never know right? ‘The Long Haul’ is written by Finn Murphy or ‘The Great White Mover’ as he is know at one point. He is one of those folks who comes into your home, packs everything up, loads it onto the truck, drives it across the country, unloads it and puts it back together in your new home for you. It’s long days, lot’s of lifting and driving but he ends up with some good stories along the way.

I first heard of Murphy while watching the PBS Newshour of all things. He was promoting his book but also talking about the job market (circa 2019) and the rise of automated vehicles. I later came across his book at a used book store and, truth be told, it’s an interesting read.

Murphy doesn’t get into all the mechanics of how a big rig works if that’s what you are looking for. He does have some interesting stories on customers (aka Shippers) that he has done business with which is kind of all over the map. How can you break a piano and end up crying with the customer? Hey, these things happen. So does ending up at Native American ceremonial burial.

The book moves well too. He does meander on conversations for a little bit longer than I would care for but the pace is good and it’s not a real intellectually exhausting read. What I really took away was an appreciation of his profession and to, know matter what, treat people with dignity and respect. Even if those people are unreasonable paying customers.

“I just helped another family navigate a major transition. What else could possibly matter? This is why we’re all here: to help each other navigate.”

I would presume that Murphy isn’t the typical trucker. I found his book articulate, insightful and enjoyable. It’s a great read for your summer trip or a long weekend.